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I joined the FTTP trial and had the ONT put in on 30th Aug. It could not be activated as the engineer found a fault on the pole outside. I had a message from Plusnet saying it had been fitted and I should be able to use it, but there was an internal memo attached stating it wasn't working due to the Openreach fault and would be reviewed on the 6th Sept. Plusnet then disconnected my phone line so I have no broadband at home at all (my agreement was to stop my normal broadband and disconnect the phone line when FTTP was up and running). I have replied to my message stating that the fibre connection was not working but have had no response whatsoever. I also tried phoning Plusnet to report it, but the employee I spoke to said he didn't understand my situation. He didn't ask my name or for any details whatsoever.

How do I get some help or response as to what is going on?

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