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Hi - my village are paying for openreach to bring FTTP to each house (Not FTTPOD). Can I get some feedback from other customers who have had this situation. Im particularly interested in -

will I be able to stay with plusnet ?

is it going to cost me more for my broadband package (assuming I stay on my unlimited 35mbs fibre package) ?

will I need a new router ? - I have TP-Link AC1900 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit VDSL/ADSL Modem Router for Phone Line Connections (BT Infinity, TalkTalk, EE and PlusNet Fibre) 2 USB, 3.0 Ports, UK Plug (Archer VR900 V2)

If I keep my homephone will I loose my number and get a new one ?

Can I just stop paying for a phone line rental ?

Will it effect my plusnet subscription for BT sport on sky ?





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Note that this thread will probably be moved by one of the Mods to the "Fibre to the Premises Trial" forum.

Other than OR receiving a contribution from the village I would assume it's just a standard network install to them. Eventually the DSL Checker will have "WBC FTTP" shown as available at which point you can apply to join the PlusNet FTTP Trial.


Prices and service are as per the FTTC packages. No deals on offer (it's a "trial") and no "market" surcharges.


Your phone line is independent of the FTTP service so you can either keep it and continue to pay line rental with your current phone number or you can cancel your line and pay a £2.50 internet only surcharge. I believe you can "port" your phone number to a VOIP provider if so desired. Note : should you choose to cancel your phone line does so through the forum so it's actioned by one of the FTTP trained staff.


I believe you may / will have problems with PlusNet TV (if that's what you have). The FTTP Trial is not integrated with PlusNet systems so the TV service isn't available (though you can get the BT Sport app).



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Thanks Brian - The village are in fact self funding the entire instalation by OR and hoping to get some money back from the government once the instalation is completed within a year - hopefully the plusnet FTTP trial will still be up and running then.

With reference to the phone line - I suppose the question I should be asking at this stage from OR is -  are the copper lines to remain ?

Any idea if I will need to upgrade that router of mine ? I only bought it a couple of months ago !


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Moderator's note by Dick (Strat): This thread is now in the appropriate board.

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The TP-Link Archer V900 has a configurable Ethernet WAN port so will work perfectly well with the Openreach FTTP ONT (Optical network terminator). You don't need the VDSL2 modem in your router when you get a full fibre service.