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FTTP versus DSL reliability

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FTTP versus DSL reliability

How does the reliability of FTTP connections compare to ADSL/VDSL connections?

If FTTP is more reliable, is the reflected in the number of support calls per 1000 customers?


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Re: FTTP versus DSL reliability

I think FTTP is much more reliable than ADSL or FTTC, because the fibre doesn't run down any copper lines which are more susceptible to faults.


As for the number of support calls we get from customers on FTTP, since I've started working here just over 2 years ago, I've only experienced 2 actually 3 calls where the service was in fault and I take around 30 to 40 calls a day on average.


Having said this, we do not have as many customers on FTTP as ADSL/FTTC.

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Re: FTTP versus DSL reliability

I have been on the PlusNet FTTP unlimited fibre extra trial since July 2013, in all that time I have never had one single problem, the connection has been stable and has never dropped once, the speed has remained steady around 75/20Mbps with hardly any fluctuations.

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Re: FTTP versus DSL reliability


I had an issue which took 3 months to fix and affected multiple users across multiple ISPs. There was a faulty card in the telephone exchange where 32 of us where connected. It took a long time to convince all parties that it had to be the exchange at fault.

The fault was that downstream line speed would go down to 3Mbps with the addition of packet loss and then slowly correct itself over a 24 hour period.

The issue with FTTP is that they are so few people who understand it at the ISPs, BTW and Openreach that when things go wrong, they go wrong big time. 

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Re: FTTP versus DSL reliability

3 years on fttp, only one actual fibre circuit failure in that time, lasted about 20 minutes. (I'm not counting the problems at installation, which meant that the service was highly erratic for the first two weeks)

Of course problems within the PN network can affect us along with adsl and fttc customers, but they have also been few and far between

Speedtests are fairly consistent at around 74/21