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FTTP trial and Pro add-on

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FTTP trial and Pro add-on

Hi, Here's an interesting question for someone.
I'm currently on the FTTP fibre trial in MK after signing up for Extra broadband with PN. As a result the fibre is supplied according to the specs of the extra package, 60GB download limit, traffic management in place but gaming is prioritised.
Today I notice details of new packages and a pro add-on and according to the traffic management details of these products gaming is now rate limited to 5Mbps on fibre extra. Will this apply to existing users on the trial? The pro add-on is available in my member centre which suggests line speed 24/7 for an extra £5 per month. What would happen and what would I get if I selected this add-on?
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Re: FTTP trial and Pro add-on

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