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FTTP installed - router not authenticating.

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FTTP installed - router not authenticating.

I am writing this on behalf of a client who I have been helping get set up with FTTP. It has taken Openreach since March to get the necessary external work completed - but eventually this was done at the end of June. Since then a series of cancelled orders and failures of PlusNet support personnel to understand what to do with FTTP orders means that 2 months later the service still isn't working. 


The internal works have been completed and the fibre is online but the router does not authenticate. Orange light on the PlusNet hub and despite manually entering the correct details nothing gets it online. The original ADSL circuit remains functional. That was where we got to a week ago. Since than someone finally picked up the ticket, incorrectly tested the ADSL line and obviously can't find a fault!

Username is [removed] - any help would be appreciated. 

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Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: FTTP installed - router not authenticating.

Hi there,


Having made sure I'm looking at the right details, diagnostics aren't showing any obvious problems.


Can you make sure the following test username has been tried?




the password can be anything or left blank.

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 Adam Walker
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Community Gaffer
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Re: FTTP installed - router not authenticating.

Thanks for your time on the phone, I've booked the engineer visit in for you and I've confirmed by text message. If you'd like to update the contact details on the account back to how they were, you can do that from here


Let us know how the visit goes.



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