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FTTP and Skype (and MSN video) problems!

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Registered: ‎08-10-2010

FTTP and Skype (and MSN video) problems!

I was wondering if anyone else who's on the FTTP trial had experienced bad connections with Skype (or MSN/Yahoo video) since joining the FTTP trial?
I used to have a 4.5mg connection with O2 and was able to use my high def. camera on Skype to send high def video (complete with the little logo in the corner to prove it was high def!).  Since I now have my FTTP connection Skype has been awful with dropped call and average video quality - certainly not high def!  The people I normally chat to haven't changed their broadband so the only difference is with mine!
No, I'm not downloading/file sharing at the same time...
Any thoughts?
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Re: FTTP and Skype (and MSN video) problems!

Are you still having a problem with Skype?
Which Plusnet broadband account do you have: Value, Extra or Pro?
What is your upload speed listed as in your router? (more likely to be the bottleneck than the download speed)
Is the picture/sound bad at just one end or both ends? If only one end, which end is bad?