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FTTP already installed, new customer

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FTTP already installed, new customer

Hi there,
I've just moved into a new build property which wasn't yet hooked up to the exchange. The BT open reach engineer has now been round and fitted the box inside the house for fttp. He said to wait until it stopped flashing and I could go ahead and order fibre services.
It stopped flashing but the los light went red. I called up plus net this morning to check and the sales guy said it wasn't showing fibre yet but he can put through an order for ADSL and it'll get changed to fibre before the engineer arrives.
Question is, if the fttp trial has ended, can the engineer still use the hardware BT open reach has installed? Or is that all wasted? Do I definitely need an engineer visit too? I thought I'd just need a modem and to be activated.
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: FTTP already installed, new customer

Hi Simon,
Welcome to the forum, I've sent you a PM, you should be able read it by clicking My Messages at the top of the page.
Dave Tomlinson
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