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FTTP Install Successful

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FTTP Install Successful

When looking at the forums it is always very easy to find things that can go wrong, so it is very good to report that the installation went perfectly yesterday and I now have good broadband!

We had a few trials and tribulations on the run-up (BT not finding the house onn the database and then denying that FTTP was appontment cancellation, and then a no notice appointment but finally as planned the van arrived and after some discussions about the length of the run and the array of nettles around the pole a second van. and enginner

They have done a brilliantly neat install carefully routing the fibre around the outside of the house for minimum visual impact.  They had a bit of a panic when I said I was using my own router but after about 2 mins when I found the tickbox for enable ethernet WAN all was well.  One final tip - our router ( Netger ) has a QOS option.  It is a good idea to change the settings otherwise it will limit the speed!

Thanks Plusnet - and Openreach!

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Re: FTTP Install Successful

That's good to hear. Mine is planned for a Monday install after similar issues with the address. I was just going to set it up with the PN router and then switch to my Billion but I may as well just set it up with the Billion from the outset. 

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: FTTP Install Successful

Glad to hear all has gone well!

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