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FTTP. How does it work?

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FTTP. How does it work?

I am on the Whitchurch (THWI) exchange. We were one of the winners of the race to infinity and I have been looking forward to FTTC for some time. While 3 of the cabs have been updated to FTTC and people in the town are up and running there is nothing on the checkers for my line. Investigating further a local web site has suggested that the cab that I am connected to (the only one not yet upgraded) has been selected for FTTP. I do not know how reliable that is but if it is true how does this work?
Can I assume that Openreach will install fibre to my house in order to supply my voice connection over fibre rather than copper? If so, what choice do I have for broadband? Will I have to select an FTTP product from a supplier that is able to supply? Is that the only choice that I will have? If so will PlusNet be able to supply me or will I be forced to switch to BT or some other supplier?
Or will I be left with a copper cable (on the 21CN since 2 days ago) unless I select to install FTTP for broadband at which point the voice connection will switch to fibre as well?
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: FTTP. How does it work?

If FTTP is avaiable this is something we're trialing with customers at the moment. If it's something you'd like to apply for please head here for more details:
With regards to phone calls they are still transmitted by copper for FTTP customers at the moment but that is likely to change to being done via fibre in the future.
Let me know if you have any other questions.
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 Adam Walker
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