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FTTP Community speed test results

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FTTP Community speed test results

I thought it would be interesting to post our Speedtest results for comparison.
Although I am on the 80/20 package I have never seen near 80 down and recently this seems to have dropped further - more toward 70.

How is everyone else faring?

My results -

Connected via 5Ghz with no local congestion to my ubiquiti AC Pro network. Results are similar wired via gigabit network on my PC.
Router is a Fritz!Box 7530.
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Re: FTTP Community speed test results

71.46 / 20.97 Ping 19

That was from a laptop connected wirelessly. I don't know what else might have been chuntering away in the background. there are 2 more laptops, 2 iphones, one ipad, a Youview box and 5 security webcams, any of which  could have added to background traffic

Connected via 2.4Ghz to TP-Link Archer 3150

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Re: FTTP Community speed test results

This is towards "best case" for me wired to the router.

I have had ping at 5ms.

Typical is only a little slower, noticeable usually in the early evening.

Contention can occur "in the street" as your GPON gigabit fibre connection could be shared with up to 32 users across different service providers.

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Re: FTTP Community speed test results

Using and (Chrome browser) over a wired connection I usually get consistent results, also in real-world downloads.