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FTTC my first problem

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FTTC my first problem

No problems observed until today. Cry
Speeds still in XS of 30meg with the occasional dip at peak times but these are limited. Cheesy
Tried to go on line this am and could not connect at all, everything seemed ok on the router all the right lights flashing but no access on either laptop, i-phone(both wireless) or the TV( wired).
Solved by down powering the modem and router. Wink
Any reasons why this happened? Undecided
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: FTTC my first problem

Hi Kel,
Depends on when you last knew it was working. There was some maintenance work on Friday morning which disconnected around half of our customers, in some cases we saw that a few people had to reboot the router/modem to get back online once this had finished. If you didn't use your connection between Friday morning and Saturday morning then that could be why.
If it worked OK Friday then could just be the router or modem locking up I guess or an outage BT side (I know there was 1 FTTC outage this weekend) which may again have meant the modem/router needed a reboot.
Dave Tomlinson
Enterprise Architect - Network & OSS
Plusnet Technology