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FTTC installed today

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Registered: ‎31-07-2007

FTTC installed today

The engineer called me around 9am this morning to tell me my phone and internet would be going offline, he turned up an hour later as stated and quickly installed the modem exactly where I wanted.  He tests showed I was getting 40MB down and 10MB up, and also that the line was showing capable of 49MB up?!
Like other installations, the BT Openreach engineer was expecting a BT HomeHub to be installed, but had no problem connecting and testing the Netgear WNR1000, he also fully tested the phone line too.
It's all gone very well:

Wired tests:
Date Download Speed Upload Speed
Today 16:59 34377 kbps (4.3MB/s) 8262 kbps (1.03MB/s)
Today 16:58 34795 kbps (4.35MB/s) 8195 kbps (1.02MB/s)
Today 11:22 37147 kbps (4.64MB/s) 8294 kbps (1.04MB/s)
Today 11:19 37183 kbps (4.65MB/s) 8303 kbps (1.04MB/s)
Today 11:16 36869 kbps (4.61MB/s) 8259 kbps (1.03MB/s)
Nov 19, 18:04 6489 kbps (811kB/s) 578 kbps (72.3kB/s)

The last two tests were run when the Kids were home and online.  Also, I'm getting pings of on average 14ms
Dave, you've been brilliant  - I can't thank you enough for your help.