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FTTC Trial feedback from beginner

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FTTC Trial feedback from beginner

HI, very new to all this but thought I would share my experience, a good one I must say! Having only 1MB (with an iPlate) speeds before due to large distance from xchange I was delighted to see a shiny new cabinet at the top of my street when I received the BT Infinity flyer through the door. Asking PN about it they prompted me to look at the FTTC trial and I was quickly accepted, received the modem soon after, and a BT engineer promptly booked.
The day arrived and the BT engineer called to check I had my 'Hub', said yes and thought I would explain once he was on my doorstep. Having read through the forums beforehand I was ready to ask him to install the modem in a more suitable place than the point of entry, which he did and 'blanked' the master socket. He did not know about installing for PN but quickly worked it out and tested incoming calls were working.
The BT engineer did express concerns that we were advertising the fact that they were re-siting the master socket (instead of running an extension cable) to suit the customer as this was not permitted by BT management.
Following the (not so easy for a beginner) instal instructions from Dave T I managed to set up the router in about 45 minutes. The only problem I had was that using my Vista laptop I lost the connection between the laptop and router. The initial setup of the router is unencrypted but using my Vista laptop to encrypt the router the laptop essentially locked itself out by not recognising the change, I had no problems with the Windows 7 PC re-connecting. With the Vista laptop I had to delete the connection and start again.
Since then speeds have been great but very variable. Not sure how to paste the image here but results are from 37512 to 10921 kbps download although consistent speeds of upload around 8100 kbps.
<a href=""><img src="" /></a>
Very pleased with PN, and BT I might add, and I am sure my extra speed assisted me to get 2 tickets for TAKE THAT! Thank you Plusnet, it is appreciated.
Good luck to anyone else joining the trial.
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: FTTC Trial feedback from beginner

Thanks for the feedback, it's appreciated. We're still trying to fine tune the setup guide, when we launch FTTC as a product we'll hopefully be able to do our "easy setup" stuff with it so all you'd need to do is plug in the wires and set up your wireless. As we've only bought a very small number we've not been able to do that yet. So any suggestions you have for improvements would be much appreciated.
Dave Tomlinson
Enterprise Architect - Network & OSS
Plusnet Technology