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[FTTC Trial (Fibre To The Cabinet)]

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[FTTC Trial (Fibre To The Cabinet)]

I was invited to join the FTTC trial on ticket no. #37842988
link:csa removed - CSC Analyst
5:01pm, Thursday 9 Dec 2010
Further to our telephone conversation today, please find below a link to Fibre Optic trial available in your area.

I responded the same day on ticket no. #37845037
7:40pm, Thursday 9 Dec 2010
[FTTC Trial (Fibre To The Cabinet)]
I would like to take part in the trail of FTTC.
I have used the availabilty checker and FTTC is available for me.
I confirm that I've read and accept the Terms and Conditions for the trial.
I have also provide you with at least 3 dates when I will be available for the engineer to come and install the service:
1. Thurs 23rd December 2010 AM
2. Wed 29th - Fri 31st December 2010 AM or PM

As yet I've heard nothing back, I am very keen to get on the trial as my current speed is less than 500 kbps
Is there anyway of speeding up the process, so as to go FTTC ASAP.
cheers in advance to any help.
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Re: [FTTC Trial (Fibre To The Cabinet)]

No real way to speed things up. Dave is collating requests every 2 or 3 weeks but it still requires availability of BT engineers in your area and given the bad weather (particularly in Sheffield where Dave is based)  things are a bit up in the air as to when things can get done.
Dave will get around to you but I suspect if you have not received a reply by now the date's given are probably too soon now.