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FTTC Openreach NTE5 Faceplate

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Registered: ‎09-02-2011

FTTC Openreach NTE5 Faceplate

Openreach arrived with their own specially branded NTE5 filtered faceplate - no rear connectors for fixed data wiring - useless!
The Engineer agreed to leave my existing Austin Taylor filtered NTE5 faceplate, which connects separate fixed voice and data wiring to a distribution board.  
Openreach FTTC ask for a power point adjacent to the NTE5, which is inconvenient, expensive and unnecessary.
Most premises happen to have the NTE5 located wherever the BT cable historically entered the building. Phones were line powered so no mains nearby and it's nowhere near the computers.
NTE5 brought a liberating break with BT's old restrictive traditions. It defines the boundary and provides a test point between BT/Openreach and users wiring.
Be warned! Sort out your data wiring with a fully specified NTE5 filtered faceplate (mine came from Solwise) before Openreach arrive.
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Re: FTTC Openreach NTE5 Faceplate

Now be fair, the BT openreach solution (maybe inc extension kit) offered as standard is one suited to most domestic situations. Most people have no knowledge of more specialized requirements, and do not want them. Those of us that do know about these things and want more complex solutions (myself included) just have to accept that we need to do a bit more to achieve them.
That said, I'm no huge BT fan adnd their NTE faceplate for FTTC is a little poor, as anyone who has tried to take off the front part will find out. The whole thing starts to fall apart because the screws hold the next part too.