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FTTC Modem/Router Holder

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FTTC Modem/Router Holder

Just thought i'd share with you my afternoons work removing my boredom
After reading the horror stories of dead FTTC Modems i thought id take a closer look. (I'd checked my modem n i didnt think it was too hot, until i touched the centre on the bottom side.. Yikes!)
So, i did what anyone would do, looked to ebay for some inspiration Smiley
Annoyingly - when the BT engineer put the second socket in, he put it *underneath* the existing socket.  Roll_eyes

Wire CD Rack. Fantastic.  *Orders*  Wink

So - it arrived and i butchered some of the fins out (1 fin removed left it too tight (and bent another wire) and 2 fins removed was too loose - so i've bent in the next fins along - to "squeeze" the Modems + Router)

This shows what i mean Smiley
Then ive replaced the standard BT Modem -> Wall cable (Theirs is like 2m long  🐵 - these ones are "to length" ~20cm Smiley
This part is hidden behind the sofa (everything is behind the coffee table next to the sofa, or in the BiPacs case, underneath it)

Modems + Netgear router are ~2cm off the carpet, with plenty of airflow and no stupidly messy BT / Ethernet cables - immediately the centre of the modems is *much* cooler - and without having to add a fan.
Cost: £5 for TWO of those CD Racks, (no P&P) and about half an hour of my time  Tongue
What do you guys think ? Smiley

(And for the curious Tongue - heres a network layout drawing :))
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: FTTC Modem/Router Holder

Good work Matt_2k34, I like it Smiley
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