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FTTC – Four months experience

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Registered: ‎21-08-2007

FTTC – Four months experience

Installation - took less than an hour with a very pleasant OpenReach engineer (I guess all those grumpy GPO ones have long since retired).  Having just moved into our house and inherited a spaghetti of telephone wires I was delighted when he readily agreed to install a new master socket a few feet from the entry point to the house.  It was his first experience of a non-HomeHub installation and was keen to see how things worked with the Plusnet supplied router (a Netgear WNR1000).  We tried the trick of connecting everything up and hoping for a connection – but soon reverted to reading the helpful, simple instructions supplied by Plusnet.  Two minutes later we were recording our first speed test - 36Mbps download/8Mbps upload.
Wired Performance – very variable for a few days – after the first day high it dwindled back to 4/6, had a few disconnects and some frustrating snail like sessions.  Since this teething phase it’s been fairly consistent at about 38/8.
Wireless Performance – this took longer to settle down and the connection of a plethora of devices – some n, some g seems to affect performance – sometimes it slows back to 5/5 for no apparent reason – majority of the time it runs at about 22/8.
• an excellent step up the speed ladder
• downloading large files is a joy
• an hour of tv on iplayer takes only a few minutes
• patience is a virtue over the early weeks
• worth remembering it a trial
• it seems to me that broadband (particularly wireless) is still not a totally dependable experience day in/day out
• at these speeds even the bad days (5Mbps download) let you happily email/surf the web.
Thanks to Dave T and all others involved at Plusnet
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Re: FTTC – Four months experience

Almost exactly the same as my experience. They say it take 10 days to train the connection and that's about right. Also similar Wifi performance to this but with a Draytek router in my case.