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FTTC Connection Time 03:10:32:26

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Registered: ‎26-10-2010

FTTC Connection Time 03:10:32:26

As you can see its geting on for 4 days now and (touching wood) its been perfect, no drop outs , freezes, re-boots etc
and still a very healthy 36-37 Mbps at the Netgear...
Only thing that lets it down is the loss over wireless and Homeplugs , maybe I should get busy with the Cat5  Wink
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Re: FTTC Connection Time 03:10:32:26

I agree the drop over the network is a bit disappointing, but I suppose that's just the line speed leaving the networking technology behind to some extent, and eventually the networks will catch up.
I've also taken the view in my case that a 12 or 13Mbps connection is more than adequate for my desktop and the benefit of the higher overall download speed is that it supports anything up to the 5 or 6 connections that our household may have on line at once (4 computers an Ipod or 2 and possibly an Xbox), so that everyone can do what they want (including streaming video) without interfering with other people's downloads.
I've reset the modem and router a few times, and haven't had any problems (I'm waiting for a firmware upgrade for the N router I was trying out (that simply didn't work for more than a few minutes at a time))
But over all I've been very happy with the experience.  Smiley