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FTTC - Connection Drops

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Registered: ‎29-11-2010

FTTC - Connection Drops

I've had FTTC for a couple of days now and I'm very pleased with the speeds (don't like the traffic shaping - but that's a different story!)
However, I am getting a number of instances where my internet connection just drops and my router shows an error status before it does a PPPoE login again after about a minute or so.
My router is the Apple Airport Extreme which I used on Virgin's fibre network for years without any issues what so ever.
I just wonder whether this is normal on the FTTC trial when I'm only 2 days in? My IP profile was at 37K and is now at 33K, does it drop the internet when the IP profile changes?
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Re: FTTC - Connection Drops

As far as I'm aware, for the first 10 days your line is in its training period so you should expect to see it sync at different rates. In a nutshell, something caused your connection to drop, and when it re-connected, around 33k was the best sync rate. This in turn made bt's DLM dropp your profile to 33k.
best course of action would be to restart your modem and router during off-peak hours to get a better sync rate. After that your ip profile should rise within 5 days, depending on the % increase.