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[FTTC 80/20] No connection after joining the trial

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[FTTC 80/20] No connection after joining the trial

I've raised a support ticket but as you mentioned it might be better to ask this here. I signed up for the trial on Monday and it must have been activated last night, because now I cannot get online at all (am using my 3G phone to post this). I've tried rebooting my router. The router claims on its status page that is making a successful connection, and shows "Connected" with no errors. All the lights on the router and modem are normal. But when I try to access any Web page (or FTP), I get no data whatsoever, so the page fails to display.
Any thoughts? Nothing has changed in terms of my connection cables, hardware or software configuration this end since I had a happy 40/2 connection last night, so there's nothing wrong with my wiring or hardware...
Thanks in advance!
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Re: [FTTC 80/20] No connection after joining the trial

If the router says connected then the assumption would be it is. If you open a cmd prompt and type
You should see something like
[tt]Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:
  1    <1 ms    <1 ms    <1 ms
  2    20 ms    19 ms    20 ms []
  3    19 ms    18 ms    19 ms []
  4    19 ms    18 ms    19 ms []
  5    19 ms    18 ms    19 ms []
  6    *        *        *    Request timed out.
  7    20 ms    34 ms    20 ms []
  8    20 ms    23 ms    22 ms
  9    20 ms    20 ms    20 ms []
Trace complete.
Do the packets trace out on to the internet?