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Entering FTTP Trial from BT

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Entering FTTP Trial from BT

I have FTTP which is currently provided by BT and my contract is coming up for renewal. I am looking at alternative providers and would like to know if I can swap to Plusnet? If I can change and join your trial how would I go about this?


p.s. bt availability checker results are below



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Re: Entering FTTP Trial from BT

The PlusNet FTTP Trial is for existing customers only.


Apart from BT as far as I know only Zen Internet and Andrews & Arnold are the only major ISP's to offer FTTP.



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Re: Entering FTTP Trial from BT

If you have a normal phone line you can order an ADSL service  from PlusNet then apply to go on the FTTP trial, I know it's crazy but that's the way they do it.

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Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Entering FTTP Trial from BT

Welcome to the community forums @m4tthew.


While it's less than ideal, the advice given by @RealAleMadrid is the only way for us to currently get you on the FTTP trial with us, as it's only open to existing customers.


A few questions surrounding how to do this were discussed over on this thread:


I hope this helps.

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