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Different packages from trials

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Different packages from trials

I'm currently on the capped 60GB limit package, however I'm looking to switch as I've got annoyed with the capping after 6pm of streamed services e.g. youtube. Frankly I felt I've got better service on a 1.3MB speeds previously, as having to wait for the stream to catch up is unbearable.
I've come across the new unlimited package for 9.99 for a years contract, however I've noticed that there's an unlimited version for broadband fibre users too at double the price. How do I switch? Or is there no difference between that and the £9.99 package as both offer unlimited data, thanks.
Plus I've noticed some users stating there's going to be even more faster trials happening too? How do we get on board these 200+ speeds? Thanks.
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Re: Different packages from trials

YouTube shouldn't be capped now, just P2P, Usenet and External FTP capped at 2Mbps from 8-10pm.
The £9.99 Unlimited package you mentioned is ADSL2+, not fibre. The cost with fibre (FTTC) is £19.99. However being a trial service for new users FTTP is handled through the FTTP Trial (Fibre To The Premises) option at
Since you are already on the trial the Unlimited with FTTP forum topic is probably relevant.