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Data extension cable on FTTP

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Data extension cable on FTTP

Just received the router for FTTP (TG582n - I'm guessing its got different firmware to the TG582n I'm currently using for ADSL)
The booklet mentions about a data extension kit when its being installed between socket and modem.  I'm fairly sure that data extension is only for the FTTC install and wont be any use to a FTTP install.
Am I right in thinking that?
I guess it also means that unless there is a fibre extension kit there is no option other than having the modem right by where the fibre enters the house.
It might mean that the booklet for FTTP routers needs to be altered to avoid misunderstandings at install
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Re: Data extension cable on FTTP

You can have the BT ONT installed up to 30 metres from where the fibre termination box lies.
Basically the connection between the ONT/external fibre box is a pre manufactured fibre optical cable. My engineer told me they come in two different lengths (one being 30m). Normally people ask for them next to their master sockets, but some people have asked for them in other areas. There are some limitations as the cable is not as easy to feed as normal telecoms wire.
Apparently BT have to use the pre manufactured fibre connector cables because the tubing/fibre cable they run (externally in the ducts) does not like bends and would get stuck or break if they were to run it inside peoples' properties.