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Confused and hoping for some guiadance .....

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Confused and hoping for some guiadance .....

Hi all, my first post here and hope it is the appropriate place to ask for help.

I'm a very long-term PN user and I'm currently on the fastest FTTC 18 month contract which ends in four weeks.  I am however in a village where FTTP is being rolled out and I should be able to get the new service by around March 2023,  So there are several different pulls, pushes and considerations that I'm trying to juggle and make sense of.

I've just received my invite to renew PN for a further 18 months at a decent reasonable price.  But the first concern is that I am still angry about the latest round of price increases where it was contractual that I had to swallow what I felt was an unfair and totally opportunistic increase.  But I also realise that many other ISP customers had the same "challenge".  So.  The next issue that I'm concerned about is that it may be more prudent to become a new customer of an alternative ISP for all of the new user offers being offered.  If I renew with PN in four weeks that locks me in and I really only have the choice of PN or BT and whatever they feel they need offer to an existing locked-in customer.  Not possibly the greatest idea. I'm also concerned that I would want to keep my exisitng telephone number but I'm not happy to pay for new high-speed FTTP and "line rental" chargesand call charges that might have been fair when intended to support the high cost of maintaining copper infrastructure and switches  but now carried forward to what in my mind should be perhaps lower VOIP level charges.

So I'm hoping for some sound counsel and advice from others who might be able to see how I should approach the next month or two?  Renew with PN?  Pay through the nose for the much higher monthly out of contract charges? Is there a  way that I can continue monthly on my existing rate until I decide? I'm totally confused about the best way forward.

If this is in the wrong forum then mods please move it to it's best and most logical home.


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Re: Confused and hoping for some guiadance .....

I'm surprised & confused at the apparent loss of landline and number if I were to switch to FTTP.
We've had this number for 25 years... what are the "replacement" options - almost nothing is mentioned about this other than "no need to pay for that pesky line rental"!   Actually I'd like to keep that number...

Edit:  Oops, I see there's a whole multi-page thread on that subject:
The whole thing seems extremely poorly thought-out by plusnet's business people and OFCOM, with not a sniff of it on the FAQ.  PlusNet you are likely to lose a lot of longstanding loyal customers over this.   I feel a Radio 4 moment coming on....