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Cancel phone line

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Cancel phone line


I've been on the fttp trial for a while now and realised I'm paying for a phone line I no longer use so happy to pay the £2.50 instead.  After reading a few posts on here it seems I'm probably safer asking for it to be cancelled on the forum so one of the fttp team can make sure my account doesn't get inadvertently cancelled.

Would somebody be able to pick this up for me please?

Thank you!

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Re: Cancel phone line

Hi James, Thank you for your enquiry with regards to your phone line. Yes we are able to cancel the phone line and as you have stated the FTTP cost is an extra £2.50. I want to make you are aware that if still in contract for the phone line then there will be a early cancellation charge. I have raised a ticket   on your account to give more detail about this. If this is something you are still wanting to go ahead with, please reply to the post and we can get this arranged for you. - Lee


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 Lee Y
 Plusnet Help Team