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Add Home Phone?

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Add Home Phone?

Hi, I'm hoping I might get an answer from the support people in this board as I'm not getting much joy through the main support channels.

Many people on here are wanting to remove their landline and use VoIP but I live in a rural area with no mobile phone signal and occassional power cuts, so I rely on a wired telephone and the POTS when the power goes out.

My landline is currently provided by BT and I'd like to know if I'd be able to add Home Phone to my existing Plusnet account (rather than taking out a second contract that would have a redundant ADSL connection)



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Re: Add Home Phone?


Can you confirm you're on the FTTP Trial.


I see no reason you can't add a PlusNet phone service to your account. I assume you're aware the ONT supplied for FTTP has a battery backup so you'd get about an hour of internet connection. However, you'd also need to add a battery backup unit to the router to keep a VOIP service going.



Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Add Home Phone?


Hi there, 


Firstly, I'm sorry replies from us haven't been forthcoming over tickets, I'll look into that and pass on some feedback so I'm really sorry if you've felt ignored! 


Yes, we can absolutely do this, I assume everything on ticket 175997591 is still relevant to what you want?


Please drop me a reply there to confirm then reply back here and I'll pick things up and get the ball rolling. 



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