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A few FTTP questions

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A few FTTP questions

Hello, I am hoping to switch soon from FTTC to FTTP and I have a few questions that I would like to find out some answers to. My current PlusNet service is out of contract so I am paying about £20 more a month for the package and landline than the equivalent new package. If I take a new a new FTTC package and FTTP becomes available within the 18 month contract would I be able to upgrade to a FTTP package without paying an early cancellation fee? Over the past few weeks Openreach have been installing the FTTP infrastructure including a fibre connection point on my DP pole.
On my existing package I have a static IP address. Do PlusNet offer this on FTTP packages?
What FTTP sort of speed packages do PlusNet offer? Every time I look, I have to give me my postcode and it then tells me that no FTTP packages are available.
My landline number is on the local exchange, Ebbw Vale and I have been told that all the FTTP customers are connected to Merthyr Tydfil some 9 miles away. Will I be able to port my number via Merthyr exchange?
Will PlusNet be implementing IPv6?

I hope you don’t mind me asking these question here. Many thanks

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Re: A few FTTP questions


The PlusNet website will not show packages until FTTP becomes available for your address. Keep an eye on the following. You need to see WBC FTTP in the left hand column and Available to the right.


You can upgrade during an existing contract without penalty but you would probably need to sign up to a new contract.


Your Static IP remains.


You lose your phone number - PN FTTP is data only. You cannot port out your number to a VOIP as an existing customer.


IPv6 is anybodies guess.


Hope this helps.



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Re: A few FTTP questions

Well I am in a similar position, so I am trying to apply logic and this government together. Wish me luck.

So it seems it is not possible to "upgrade" (trying not to laugh) and keep your landline number?
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Re: A few FTTP questions

It looks that way Alex unless you are prepared to wait until April when some new "right to port" rules come in.  Then you will have 31 day to port your number to another Voip provider.  I'm looking a ZEN who are a little bit dearer give me a static ip and Voip service and IP6.  The only way before April is place a new FTTP order and when it's completed go to a Voip provider who will port your number and and automatically cease your FTTC contract.