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80/20 Speeds - Windows XP limitations

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80/20 Speeds - Windows XP limitations

I've been on the 80/20 trial for a couple of days, and noticed that my 6-year-old laptop (with Windows XP) could only get speed-test results of around 60-65Mbps, while a new Win7 machine could get 75Mbps.
It turns out that older Windows variants are more likely to be limited by the configuration of their TCP stack - which makes it a software limitation, rather than a hardware one.
I used the information on this webpage,, to check the effects,
and the "SG TCP Optimizer" application on this page: to help choose the "Optimal" settings. In particular, the size of the "receive window" was a key factor, but I also learnt that my MTU was set at a stupid value (1300).
I applied the "optimal" settings for both the wireless interface on the laptop, and the wired interface, and both saw improvements: The wireless (old, G) went from 23Mb to 26Mb. The wired went from 64Mb to 75+.

Those are speeds I get using Firefox as a browser. Chrome still seems to be woefully hit & miss
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Re: 80/20 Speeds - Windows XP limitations

heh indeed.
Have to remember that XP has been around over 10 years - Broadband wasnt really commonplace upon release - let alone anything else Smiley
There are several 'TCP Optimisers' etc - but id recommend making a mental note of the original settings - as its not uncommon for things to make a mess.
Also its worth noting to others that Windows 7 monitors and updates it TCP Stack settings itself (and does a pretty good job, which is why that isnt required on the Win7 box)