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330 Fibre Test report

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330 Fibre Test report

I have been on the 330 trial for 6 days now and here are my first results and findings.
I am currently using the Netgear WNR 3500v2 with the latest firmware update installed over Cat 5e cable to my main Windows XP Desktop PC.
I am getting an average speed of 120-200 Mb/s with a ping of 2-10ms.
My best result so far was 243.04 Mb/s down and 29.65Mb/s upload with a 5ms ping.
Now to my wireless results with the same router:
My house is a standard 4 Bed detached and all internal walls are timber framed with
Plaster board. So good for WiFi signals.
On my Windows 7 Laptop with USB dongle 150Mbps rated I am getting
between 40-70 Mb/s and all my Apple devices like iPad 2, iPhone 4, and iTouch4
are between 20-33 Mb/s. My best result was with my iPad 2 at a distance of 3 feet from the router 36Mb/s.
This shows that Apple devices, even with WiFi N installed, in my opinion, have a poor reception.
Average over the house is 15-20Mb/s upstairs and downstairs on iOS and 40-60Mb/s Laptops with dongle. All devices can stream Lovefilm or BBC iPlayer without problems or buffering anywhere on my property.
Walking into my garden about 20 meters gives me still good signal
for streaming. The signal is solid and I never have issues with loss of signal.
My next test will be with Cat6 cable and a new router Dave kindly sent me yesterday
a Technicolor TG587n V3.
I will also do a stress test having my wife and both of my children use the net at the same time with application like Lovefilm, You Tube and iPlayer to see how the router
will cope with volume and speed when more then one person uses the connection.
My conclusion so far is as follows:
The Netgear Router is very solid signal wise and the range is good too.
I have my Router very low of the ground in the front room and it gives me enough signal to reach all over my property.
Having 330Mb/s speed sounds brilliant and having it makes all my friends jealous  
but is currently hard to fully test and use as most hardware is not up to this kind of
a challenge. Laptop built in WiFi is only 54Mb/s. All iOS devices give up at about 30Mb/s. Hardwired desktop PC’s are normally only equipped with 100Mbps cards but can be upgraded, like I have done, to 1Gigabit cards.
You will also have to keep an eye on your usage with this kind of speed.
I am very grateful to Dave from Plusnet in letting me take part in this test and I know
that hardware will improve over time. I am living in the future with speeds of 330Mb/s but this is why I am a test person so ISP’s can find out what is good and what is needed, were the problems are and how to improve things so people in a year or so from now will get the best possible experience without any issues and problems.
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Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: 330 Fibre Test report

Thanks for such detailed and useful feedback @zoggie glad to see things are working out well with the trial.
Feedback in such detail is exactly what we're looking for in relation to trials, I'll also make sure Dave sees this post.
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 Adam Walker
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