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would like to migrate but cant


would like to migrate but cant

i would love to migrate but the problem is tiscali they dont give out mac code no
due for release on 21may and then wait for bt to release the line so it could take a while to join up with you it is very depressing at the moment but hopefully
there is light at the end of the tunnel any sugestions on how i could speed up things tiscali are not very helpfull thou the reason for unable to migrate is because i am on datastream not ipsream .
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would like to migrate but cant

Tiscali use DataStream to enable most lines IIRC, and there isn't currently a migration path between DataStream and IPStream.

Your best bet would be to cease the line with Tiscali, wait until they are off your line, and then resign up with Plusnet.


i will just have to wait till there gone end of may i hope thanks for reply.