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usenet query?????


usenet query?????

Anyone got any ideas on my problem??

I presently use Forte agent to manage and view newsgroups using plusnets own news server. The problem that I have is that I have used a news search engine to locate a film, I have then downloaded all headers for that particular group using forte. And the posting(s) concerned are nowhere to be seen. I don't think that it is a retention issue, because some of the postings that are there are from days ago. And the items that i require were posted yesterday.

One thing I did notice, is that all of the headers that did download contained jpg's, and no parts of any film were evident.
Also, when I viewed the group through the plusnet portal, there appeared to be many postings containing film parts. But obviously thats no good, because i have no way of grabbing and decoding the attachments through the portal.

Thanks in advance of any suggestions.


usenet query?????

I use Newsbin Pro rather than Agent, but it sounds like your filters are set to ignore rar files for example, but show jpgs.

On the other hand it could be a retention issue. I don't know what retention PN have (I use a premium server) but it could be that the jpgs being smaller files are still available but the binaries have gone.

It depends whether you can see binary files at all, or just not the ones you want.

usenet query?????

Thanks for that Tony.
It could well be retention. I do get other binary files and in particular Rar files. But just not the files that I require. And I know that the files are still 'out there', because a friend grabbed the files for me off of his news server (ntl).

Thanks again.