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tagged line "please help"


tagged line "please help"

We recently moved house and have been trying to get internet for about 3 weeks. We have been told our line has been tagged by PlusNet but they tell us they have taken the tag off. I need the internet for my job and I am rapidly losing money and patience, can anyone please advise me on what to do.

tagged line "please help"

Hi there,

If Plus net have a marker on your line, I take it that you had signed up for Plus Net at some point but cancelled or is the situation one where the previous occupier was a Plus Net customer?

If that is the case, can you provide a username which applied to this account.

That way we can get PN to do a bit of digging and hopefully produce more information.

tagged line "please help"


The previous occupants were signed up with PlusNet but they told us it had been cancelled. I signed in with username guest (is that what you mean) as I personnally have not had anything to do with PlusNet. :?

tagged line "please help"

As I cant take you down the normal support route and as the phone waiting times are a bit high right now would it be possible for you to email me @ with a contact email address for you and I'll see if one of the Comms Team can look into this for you?

Failing that, I can only suggest that you ring 0845 1400 200 and explain the situation to the Support team.

tagged line "please help"

They're probably moving a ex customer to LLU Wink

Providing the phone number should in theory be enough for PlusNet to check things out and remove the tag which they should have previously done. Hopefully pcsni will be able to get in touch with someone and get this sorted as you can't raise a ticket yourself.
It's a round about way of doing things but the only viable option without your own account and with the phone support system being a mess. It may take a little while to get this sorted as PlusNet's support systems have been very very slow for a while now but if one of the comms team can liase with you in this thread it may help.

I hope you can get this sorted and arrange a connection with an ISP (presumably and hopefully other than PlusNet) soon.
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tagged line "please help"

Hi all,

Just to put my 2p in here.

In a previous occupant has moved out, and they had a PlusNet service, as part of the cancellation of the BT Retail contract (or whichever supplier they were with), will have automatically moved the PlusNet service from the line.

Be it through a manual cease on our side, or a PSTN cease (essentially described above), we would no longer have control over the line.

Line tagging is a myth. As far as providers such as ourselves are concerned, we are told "Yes you can place an order" or "No you can't place an order".

The "Yes you can" catagory, isn't so straight forward as it looks, but lets just look at that on face value right now.

When we get a "no you can't", or "pre-order failure" in ISP terms, we are not told why. The ISP has no rights to the information on why you cannot have broiadband, so we can only state the most obvious reasons.

Thius single biggest obvious reason, is an existing broadband service, or at least a service in the process of cessation.

A more appropriate word for a line that does not have broadband on it (but had), and is returning pre-order failure, would be the word "limbo".

This is the case between when the cease completes, yet BT's records continue to show that no order can be placed.

If we ceased a line and this happened, there is nothing we can do. We are no longer in control of the line in any shape or form, thus have no way of fixing that.

The same applies to any provider.

If you can provide the telephone number you are looking to place an order on (supply this in a private message to me.Click the PM buttong at the bottom of my text), we can look into this to see if there is anything we can do.

However, bassed on the fact the line is new to yourself, there is good chance nothing will be possible.

Kind Regards,

tagged line "please help"

This was dealt with directly by Mand, so hopefully all is now resolved or at least clarified. Smiley