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should i join plusnet


should i join plusnet

i currently use aohell for my connection and have had a considerable lot of problems ie i loose my connection on a regular basis i use a adsl modem and ave a 1 meg line the question is if i changed to plusnet am i likely to encounter any of the same problems loosin connection and so on

i was also lookin for a number to speak directly to som eone but as yet not found it can any one help there


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should i join plusnet

Been with Plusnet ADSL since August and never had a problem.
Certainly never had the line drop out on me, and if you look through the forums you'll not find that as a common problem.

Plusnet has thousands of happy customers.

Unless you intend to download vast amounts every month (140Gb plus), I'd recommend it as an improvement on what you have now.
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should i join plusnet

Hi there,

The support number is 0845 1400200 if you want to have a word with us, press 1 for the sales team when you call in.

Josh Berry
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should i join plusnet

A lot depends on where the problem actually is. If it's in the exchange - i.e. losing sync, moving ISPs may make no difference but it's possible you may get moved to a different circuit in the exchange if you did move to another ISP. If the drops were due to AOL issues then moving to PLusnet will probably solve them and they are a very reliable and fast service for the majority of users. Every ISP has problem but often they are at the exchange or even within customers premisis.

Plusnet are a very good ISP (ignoring the recent short term issues) and I would recommend them to anyone. If you do still have problems when you move, at least plusnet support will work with your to resolve any problems you have and this has proved successful on many occations with users.

You will not be disapointed with the level and quality of service they give.
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should i join plusnet

Hi Wes
I am very happy with the service from PlusNet, we have had our moments but on the whole I do not think you will get any better! I have PlusNet Broadband Home Lite 512k now.
Cheers Smiley


well it is good for value for money but customer service and support is going down the pan...

the one good thing it does have is a good portal...

should i join plusnet

There have been one or two support issues lately but probably due to a new batch of support personell.

However the ever active Ian , Josh, Luke and Dave from the Comms Team will iron out the wrinkles in no time.

To say that customer support and service is going down the pan is unfair.

This is still a great ISP.

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should i join plusnet

Hi Wes
Plusnet are a great ISP !

I have not had a line drop or any random disconnects ever, the portal is
great with many good features you wouldnt find with many other isp`s

customer support do a great job and i also think its unfair to say
they dont, they keep us going 24/7 and there are not many problems
and i like the fact that any problems are dealt with quickly and we are
given all the details of whats going on unlike some that dont tell you
anything so you dont know where you stand

I will definately stay with plusnet unless something really drastic happens
hope you will join us too

Re: should i join plusnet

i currently use aohell for my connection and have had a considerable lot of problems



Been there, done that, even set up a website with that domain name!!, jesus they were bad, if you had been with them long enough, do you remember about 3 years ago, late in the year SERIOUS problems with dsl speed, cos of me and a few others they ended up in the paper!!

Anyway, as said here plusnet are far the best ISP around IMO, never had any probs, well two MINOR ones, that were sorted out almost instantly. Fast replies to contact, suits you sir!

should i join plusnet

Probably too late to reply with any real meaning for the person, but I moved from AOL to PlusNet due to some technical problems and I haven't looked back Cheesy

should i join plusnet

I would suhggest that the guest read through the forums a bit to see whats coming in the near future before moving, that way he/she can decide when is best to move & if PN is who they want to move to.

I cannot see any AOL user having high enough downloads to be concerned with the FUP Cheesy


I have just spoken to someone at plusnet and they explained about the speeds etc. I too was with aol help!!!. Too think i was going to go back on with them.................. I must admit that i am very pleasd with plus net . No dropped conections with them. And the site has improved since last March. So i guess better the devil you know. I mean that in the best possble way guys.
Thank you. :lol:

should i join plusnet

Save opening a new topic I thought I would post here as I am wondering the same thing - Should I move to PlusNet?

Currently im with PIPEX Internet, and I won't lie, I am happy with the service, downtime has been minimal, never had any problems, and it currently satisfies all of my demands. Basic outline of the service is this:

Pipex Solo 250
Free Setup and Equipment (So I already have all the hardware)
14.99 per month for a 256kb connection.
UNLIMITED monthly download/upload bandwidth

However, the reason I am considering a move to PlusNet is that I see you are offering a 512kb connection for the same price of £14.99 as part of the 'Broadband Plus' package, along with an included web hosting option! I am a little puzzled as to how you can be offering a service which is double the speed at the exact same cost, so obviously I have a couple of questions:

Is it totally unlimited on the monthly upload and download amounts for this service? Can I upload/download as much as I want?

What limitations on the service are there? Do you block any applications or ports?

Come on, whats the catch? Wink

Thankyou for your time.
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should i join plusnet

Broadband Plus is a service that gives priority to Web Browsing & Email Collection at Peak time, rather than the use of P2P, Binary Newsgroups or Heavy Downliading.

In essence, P2P, Heavy Downloads and Binary Newsgroups will see a slowdown during the peak hours. Still useable, but not as fast as you might expect, and not as fast as you should receive in the Off-Peak hours later on at night.

As Broadband Plus is sold on Speed rather than usage (which Broadband PAYG and Premier are), the service is unmetered.

It has been suggested that this "Packet Shaping" is something that PIPEX already do across it's range of products. Though quietly. So Plusnet's Broadband Plus offering is out there to rival such products and also those of 'mainstream' ISPS like AOL, Tiscali etc...

If you are using P2P or Binary Newsgroups then, perhaps, Broadband PAYG or Broadband Premier would be for you.

I have only ever had one problem with my service, which was when my BT Line went down and wasn't Plusnets fault. Other than that support has been brilliant and my connection has been stable.

They come recommended!

EDIT : You might be interested to know that you can migrate in FOC. I believe Pipex Solo 250 is provisioned at the exchange as 576kbps sync, therefore you can migrate in as IPStream Home 500.