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oki im looking at upgrading my existing 512 pay and go package at metronet for a higher speed conection and have been looking around to find anything that would be better suited

i have spoted the 2mb plus package with plusnet at £14.99 a month with no limits on dl but its the prioity catch that gets me

i do not dl a lot as it is even thou i am looking at getting more if i can get a no limit package. But my lad does play some online games (jedi academy etc) and i do some file sharing so just wondering what times roughly are the busy times (3:30 and 6 in the eveningHuh) and what is classed as capped speed to those types of files

are we talking of just being capped at 512 or does it go mad to 56k :S

those are my only 2 concerns as to switching over as the package in its self looks great but those 2 things could mean that it is not worth me looking at it and hav to think of over things



also wondering if you migrate to PN and then cancell do you still have to pay the £60 cancelation fee as i understand it thats to cover the cost of getting your line activated and sending a modem etc

as i already have my line activated and my modem and microfilters would any cancelation costs be lower as it seems unfair to charge the same for a migration and no equipment as for full line activation and all the equipment.
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Ok, basically the Plus plan gives priority to other broadband users at busy times. So you will get slower page loads ect. I always recomend people get Broadband Premier even if they are just doing a little file sharing. It's only £21.99 a month. If you look at AOL, Freeserve and others, you will see that uncapped 2mb broadband for that price is just a bargain!

As to your second question, if you already have all equipment, select "No Hardware" on signup, then if you cancel, you will only have to pay £58.75 rather than that + modem.

Hope this helps ya decide!