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mac osx 10.3.9 dial up setup


mac osx 10.3.9 dial up setup

Am moving home soon and thought best to set up dial-up access since i may be without broadband for a week or so.
I've never used the internal modem on the iMac and am having trouble setting up an internet connection with it.
In the log i get errors saying Connect script failed - error 514, and i also get a message popping up telling me there is no dial tone.
I've tried using the manually dial option which confirms there is a dial tone.
I'm stuck - any suggestions please? Shockedops:

Mac dial up


Did you ever manage to resolve this issue, as I have the same problem! I have tried several times to connect using dial up, but each time I am unsuccessful. I only want to use it as a backup for when broadband is unavailable. I can't find any information elsewhere on this site, that helps to resolve the problem.