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how long?


how long?

hi, im currently with BT for my broadband. i will be paying the last 3 months of the contract tomorrow. im paying from june - august 31 so i will have paid 12 months of my contract by the end of tomorrow. so i'll ring BT at the end of the week to cancel.

what id like to know is the following:

:::: if i order plusnet premier now how long will it take to arrive?

:::: When it arrives, will i have to wait a few days to use it or can i use it immediately?


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how long?

You will need to get what is called a MAC code off BT. You then signup for PN giving them this and you will be given a date on which you will no longer be with bt but with PN on this date enter PN's details into your modem or router and you should be surfing with PN!
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how long?

Don't forget you want to migrate not cancel if you cancel you could be 2 weeks or more without BB as BT will cease your BB and will then need +net to reprovide. Smiley