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fast upgrade


fast upgrade

i migrated to Plusnet yesterday and applied for an upgrade to 1mb
this morning i have reconnected at 1.1mbps!!

i thought this would take 5-7 days!

my speeds are currently worse than 512 and i keep losing sync, but im going to give it an hour or so before i take a closer look at this

anyway else had such a fast upgradeHuh
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fast upgrade

This appears to be getting more common as others have reported speed upgrades occuring within a day (and within a few hours in some cases) and I suspect BT have automated the speed changes more recently.

fast upgrade

I think that the ISP now choose the download speeds at their end and all broadband connections are the same over the BT network.

fast upgrade

Hi there,

Thats not true at the minute, BT seem to be allocating more resources to upgrades at present.