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email accounts on separate computers


email accounts on separate computers

Hi all

I'm hoping someone can help me with an email problem I'm having.

I've got ADSL with plusnet and have had my own email address set up for a while as (for example) This has worked find using outlook as my email client (the username for the account being kelly3Cool.

Recently I've set my partner up an email address on the plusnet website of

My problem now is that any emails sent to my partners new email address are downloaded when I check for emails sent to

I presume this is because when I check for emails it's downloading anything sent to '' regardless of what's before the @.

Does anyone know if there is a way around this as my partner and I would like to be able to download our emails on separate pcs.

Grateful for any help that can be launched my way!
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email accounts on separate computers

Just create a separate mailbox via the Email settings -> Configure Mailboxes links on the left so the mailbox appears in the table - just click add mailbox when you are there.

You then setup your partners email client to login with kelly38+mailboxname (the + is included ) and the associated password and you will only pick up emails for mailboxname.

e.g mailbox betty, login kelly38+betty, password whatever you set.

See Email FAQ

email accounts on separate computers

Nice one, thanks alot for that Cheesy