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costs of moving without MAC code


costs of moving without MAC code

The ISP I am currently with supports Mac codes on the way in but does not support them on the way out. This means that I have to cancel my BB connection and wait tof BT to remove the hardware from my line then wait for Plus net to get bt to go back to the exchange and plug in hardware on my line 7 days or so later. Madness !!!

I strongly susspect the company I'm with hope that people will not wish to miss their BB service for upto a monht and simply stay. Is there no watchdog or agreed industry level of service out their which make MAC codes a standard thing to accpet and supply?

At present I am on a contention ratio of 50:1, 512kbs and will be moving to 30:1, 2mbs, when I go to the premier BB package, as my line will in effect be BB free when plusnet start my service will I be exempt from the 14.99 charge for changing speed and conntention ratio?


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costs of moving without MAC code

MAC codes are voluntary so an ISP can't be forced into excepting or issuing them. If you cancel and reprovide which really looks like your only option +net should reprovide at the fastest speed your line can take, so if your line supports 2m then thats what it should be provided at.Other than that it's the standard you stay we pay where if you stay for 5 years you get free activation, only other cost would be £11.75 if you wish a monthly contract, remembering that that if you leave within the 1st year your whole setup fee must be repaid after 1st year it decreases by £11.57 a year. Hope this helps.

costs of moving without MAC code

At this time, the Broadband industry is pretty much unregulated when it comes to the types of service that are supplied to the consumer.

Their is however regulation that applies to the wholesale and access at network level for wholesale providers. This is effectivly an extension of the existing telecommunications regulation.

For the consumer, there is some regulations, though unrelated to the services. More along the lines of competitions, unfit advertising and consumer law.

But the simple end to it is, that there is no regulation to the provision of MAC codes.

There are a few suppliers right now in the same position as your own, though not strictly their own fault. The main reason could be due to a buy-out in the wholesale provider, then the wholesale provider revoking the ability to generate MAC codes.

As with the message from edwardbrewer, you can take advantage of the free activation, though the period and amounts in which you will be held to making outstanding payments, should you leave early, are higher.

Another point I must add. Right now, you are on a 512Kb 50:1 product, and wish to move to a 2Mb service.

Although PlusNet state 30:1 contention, this applies only to their own network. It is designed to help show to customers exactly what performance they should expect from the PlusNet connection.

It doesn't however mean your ADSL connections with be 30:1 end-to-end. It will still be provisioned on a 50:1 product, provided wholesale from BT.

costs of moving without MAC code

so does that mean that at the exchange the contection will be 50:1 but at plus nets end it will be 30:1 isn't that a bit of confusing advertising?

If plusnet are confusing me before I move to them it makes me wonder if I can trust them. To me 30:1 means 30:1 in exactly the same way 50:1 works and is set up except 30 users to one set of bandwidth not a mixture of both. Surely it either is or it isn't' 30:1.

Does plusnet state that 30:1 is not truly 30:1 somewhere on their site. If you could point me in the right direction I'd be grateful.


costs of moving without MAC code

To quote the following [PAGE]

Based on a 30:1 PlusNet network contention

It goes on to explain what contention is.

I agree, it doesn't state that the BT product is 50:1, however, it does only say this is contention in the PlusNet network. As we know, the PlusNet side is not a be-all-end-all.

A few things I failed to note is that these are limits, and not how the networks actualy run. Both networks usualy operate far below this rate.

Also, the reason PlusNet started saying this, is that their was a concern at one stage, that customers wondered if PlusNet had the capacity to run there side of the network at the needed speed. Stating such a contention, helps customers gusage where bottle necks are likely to reside.

costs of moving without MAC code

Ok! I just found the bit on the website.

If I share a contention ratio of 50:1 at the exchange does that ratio only refer to how many other plusnet users I'd be sharing with eg. I would only share with 49 other plusnet customers at the local connection through to the plusnet network?

At plusnets end my connection would only be shared with 29 other people and the other 20 who I'd have been sharing the exchange to plusnet connetion with would in effect be connected to a connection with 10 other people linked in from another exchange.

So in effect my connetion to plusnet would be faster as there are only 29 other users but if all the other 49 on the plusnet to local connection where hogging bandwidth it woulds slow down dramatically.

am i right?

costs of moving without MAC code

The 50:1 BT contention ratio, would mean sharing with 49 other users at the exchange. It doesn't mean 49 other PlusNet users at your exchange.

As for the other bit, I will take a guess at your meanidng Cheesy
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These are infact 2 seperation contention ratios. Whilst we can talk about who shares what, and what they mean for speed, we can get a little more basic than this.

Contention ratios are simply a mathimatical way of stating what sort of performance you can expect from your ADSL connection.

They are maximum limits to how many users are using X amount of data at any one time. However, these sort of limits are never normaly reached.

PlusNet and BT normaly upgrade capacity way before such barriers are normaly reached. The idea being, give nobody an excuse to complain, and they wont.