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broadband dial up etc

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Registered: 26-08-2007

broadband dial up etc

if a person downgrades from a subscription package to dial up, and wishes to use their bb to connect. is there a monthly cost apart from the phone call?

is it possible to downgrade to dial up from a higher subscripotion package before the end of the first year

gial up

If I've read you right you have downgraded from BB to a dialup account with no subscription .This means you have given up your Broadband connection with Plusnet therefore you will only be able to use the dialup number to connect to the internet that will be a 56k dialup modem not BB.
that is unless you have moved to another provider with Broadband in that case all you need to do is log in to plus which will keep your account live.

you can downgrade anytime you like more so if you have or are moving providers as far as I know .The way the question is asked makes me think you have given up Broadband not moved.