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What exactly do I need?


What exactly do I need?


Got PN dial up at the moment.

If I go for bb with BT they provide line test, activation, modem, router and adsl filters. I will have to buy a lan or wifi card for my pc from pcworld or wherever.

If I opt for PN what do I actually get? what of the above do I need to buy? I am confused.

What exactly do I need?

Hi there,

What you get depends on what you want.

With Bt they say that everything is included "free". We all know that there is no such thing as a free lunch. You are indeed paying for it.

With Plus Net you have a number of choices.

1. Connection only with Activation fee up front.
2. Connection only with activation fee spread over the first year.
3. Connection with hardware and either of the above.

Your hardware choice depends on what you want or need.

Entry level option will be a USB Modem which will connect to an available usb port on your PC.

ADSL Router which will require a Network Interface Card on your PC


A wireless router which will require a wireless PCI Network card on your PC.

All of the above are offered as bundles when choosing your package.

With regards pricing. The BT options may look cheaper but in the long run the Plus Net offerings are (a) less expensive and (b) better value for money.

Hope this helps and hasnt confused the situation further. Smiley



What exactly do I need?

In addition on many Plus Net accounts, you get free anti-spam and anti-virus checking of all e-mails.

You also get unlimited e-mail address, and 250MB webspace with CGI capability.