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WebMail Problem

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Registered: 30-07-2007

WebMail Problem

:?: Stumped on this one.
I have 2 problems and if anyone has any ideas, please help.

1 - If I log on to my webmail (both settings) I seem to be only able to send 1 email, and then I get 'Page Cannot ....' All I can do is re start my router, log on, and send 1 more email !
2 - I now no longer seem to be able to get to my webmail, I just get 'Page Cannot ...' Even if I restart the router, nothing changes.

I have checked every setting on the router, but cannot see the problem.
I can access webmail from my work PC, so it is there is no problem there, and I can use Outlook OK ?

Has anyone got any ideas how to resolve ??