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Viruses via webmail


Viruses via webmail

Norton has recently spotted a number of trojans coming in to our computer via email (using Outlook Express). It can only recognise, not repair. If we use webmail and download only 'safe' messages, will this protect us?

Viruses via webmail

Hello earthworks1,

I think you need to understand the nature of the virus or trojen threat to begin with. Look Norton is primarily an anti virus program which means its job is to detect viruses and worm infections which are transported via email attachments or hidden within an emails text (malicous email or some kind of script that runs when the email is openned or viewed). Norton is very bad at actually detecting trojens its NOT primarily designed to do that, secondly trojens dont behave like viruses and dont replicate like alot of viruses do which is another reason they are hard to find or detect. Trojens are notoriously slippery by nature which is also why they are harder to catch or discover.

**For trojens you need a specific tool such as the highly rated Trojen Hunter program, this is designed to detect and help you remove trojen horse infections and nothing else. Norton AV is quite capable of missing a true trojen when it comes to it.

**DONT ever try to repair a virus or trojen the best option is to delete them or remove them physically from the machine if possible. The problem with so called healing or attempted repairing of infected files is that you are never completely sure the infection has gone from your machine, you could still be left with a badly infected machine. After many years of computing believe me dont waste your time with repair or attempted healing of viruses its a fruitless waste of energy.

**Look when it comes to viruses and trojens there is No! such thing as complete protection and anyone else telling you otherwise is either lying or utterly misguided. The best way to protect your system is too learn as much as you can about what & how viruses, trojens and the like work. Then too learn what NOT too do inorder to stay clean and safe ( safe computing if you like). The BEST protection in other words is user education!! There is no! magic fix.

**Using webmail is helpful as it does give you the advantage of seing whats good and whats utter rubbish in your mailbox on the server, you can obviously delete the rubbish once you can recognise it for what it is, most spam & viruses are easily discerned with even a little bit of practise.