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Upstream speed


Upstream speed

I'm about to change to PlusNet from BT and for some time - including before upgrade to 2Mb - I've had very poor upstream speeds.

For instance, just a few moments ago my test results (using Firefox 1.0.3 and the test on ) were:
Downstream 1833 Kbps (229.1 KB/sec) 1979 Kbps (inc. overheads)
Upstream 37 Kbps (4.6 KB/sec) 39 Kbps (inc. overheads)

When i used IE I got a upsteam result of
Upstream 138 Kbps (17.3 KB/sec) 149 Kbps (inc. overheads)

That IE result is the highest I've ever got. I usually test using FF and have never got results higher than 80Kbps and they're usually around 40Kbps (once it was as low as 13!)

Can anyone throw any light on this for me? I'm particularly keen to know if this is likely to be a line issue and whether changing IPS to PlusNet is going to make any difference (preferably an improvement! Wink)