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Unable to get e-mail connection!!!!!!


Unable to get e-mail connection!!!!!!

Since 2004 I have not been able to use my e-mail system. My computer was not working for a month but since November 2004 I have not received or been able to send e-mails. I cannot contact the help and support dept of PlusNet. Perhaps someone could give me some advice on who I should contact? Cry :?:
Marian O'Rourke

Unable to get e-mail connection!!!!!!

Hi Marian,

Welcome to the forums.

Can you tell us which email client you are using to lift your email and what, if any error messages you are getting when trying to download email.

In these circumatances it is best to raise a ticket via Help and Support which can be found at the top of any page on the portal. If you follow the appropriate path for your issue you will recieve online help initially and if that doesnt solve the problem you will have the opportunity to raise it directly to the support team.

If the community can be of any help, just post back and we'll see what can be done.

Unable to get e-mail connection!!!!!!

Hi Mark

Thanks for replying to my question. My e-mail client is Microsoft Outlook, sorry I was wrong when I said 2004, I have not had any e-mails since November 2005. When I try "send and receive" I just get a box asking for my user name and password it does not got any further. I think perhaps my password has expired. Sorry but where is the portal at the top? Thanks Marian
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Unable to get e-mail connection!!!!!!

Hi there,

Please raise a query via the link:help assistant
We will deal with this and be able to advise exactly what has happened.

don't seem to be able to send e-mails - for 3months now!


I have a PAYG account (previously having broadband - but unable to continue due to the line in our new place)

We pay for a domain name to be hosted and want to be able to send and receive e-mails on that domain name

It comes up with the following error message

The message could not be sent because one of the recipients was rejected by the server. The rejected e-mail address was ''. Subject 'testing', Account: '', Server: '', Protocol: SMTP, Server Response: '550 relay not permitted', Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No, Server Error: 550, Error Number: 0x800CCC79

I've tried phoning up the helpline - but it disconnects me after 2 rings

Please help

Simon Bloomfied

[b]Still With No Connection[/b]

My first message was on 4/7/06, I still have no connection for my PlusNet e-mail and now my user name and password is not recognised on this website. I am getting very frustrated that I cannot get any help from anyone from customer services. I have unread e-mails from 2005, is there no one out there who can help meHuh?? Marian O'Rourke

Unable to get e-mail connection!!!!!!

Not sure about this but is "Outlook" the same as "Outlook Express" in that for some reason known only to itself the file or whatever it is that holds the log in name and password became corrupted and needed (and I am not sure about this) deleting and redoing...... I seem to recall having problems with "Outlook Express" and getting a similar error message.But as I now on a Mac I am no longer familar with "Outlook" or Outlook Express" but here is a reference I found to your error number

Error 0x800CCC79

The cause of this error is due to the fact that the SMTP server requires authentication.

Check your Outlook settings, making sure that your SMTP username, password, and server are correct.
Then follow this procedure to make sure you set up Outlook to use SMTP authentication :
1. Click "Accounts" in the "Tools" menu
2. Click on your email account then click "Properties"
3. Click "Servers"
4. Make sure the "My server requires authentication" box is checked

Also, you may get this error because the server does not recognise the senders email address as being valid.
To check your email address follow this procedure :
1. Click "Accounts" in the "Tools" menu
2. Click on your email account then click "Properties"
3. Click "General"
4. Make sure the address in the "E-mail address" field is created in your account's control panel
5. Delete messages in the "Outbox" folder and try again

Hope that helps in some way.