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Tracking down a Cyber Stalker


Tracking down a Cyber Stalker

There's a rather unsavoury character who's been causing trouble in UseNet groups for many years. He's widely believed to be an airline pilot, which is consistent from the way he appears to post from public internet web terminals across Europe. Over the past month he's decided to start stalking me in news groups, by responding to all my postings with abuse, and by impersonating me (rather ineffectively, as it happens).

Recently he posted from address, whose reverse DNS is Force9 of course being one of the plusnet brands. I rather suspect this is a public internet access point in an airport, not least because such devices are not usually otherwise accessible at 2am, which is when he posted.

Geobytes says that this address is in Wolverhampton, but I have my doubts. If anyone has any better information, I'd be grateful, since knowing which airport would help narrow down which airline he works for.

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Tracking down a Cyber Stalker if thats the real IP with as much info as you can, so they can check if that IP has been spoofed or not
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Tracking down a Cyber Stalker

It's unlikely the IP is spoofed. The individual concerned has two modes of posting. Either he uses (used - he just got canned) a news service from a PC using an ordinary news reader, or he posts via Google's web interface, from a dozen or so addresses situated around Europe. In the latter cases, all his postings are grouped close together in time. This is consistent with his use of a public Internet web access terminal when he's away from home.

I've emailed abuse, but they take their time to respond, and I'm far from confident of getting any useful information from them anyway. Maybe they'll confirm that the node is a web terminal, and where it's located, but I'm not holding my breath.