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Thunderbird and Pl;usnet "extra" email accounts.

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Thunderbird and Pl;usnet "extra" email accounts.

Make sure you're not trying to authenticate when sending email either. That seems to be a common mistake when setting up mail accounts in Thunderbird.

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Thunderbird and Pl;usnet "extra" email accounts.

I am having difficulty getting Thunderbird to get email from these extra accounts.

Lets say my basic email account is and that I have set up a separate email account called David.

I have tried the following Thunderbird settings

Account name - anything I like
My Name - My Real Name
Email address -
Reply address - blank
Organisation - blank

Server -
User name - myusername+david

Later on when I am asked for a password I give the password for the email box called David.

Is this correct?

One further question when entering the Username should I have a space either side of the "plus" or not?
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Thunderbird and Pl;usnet "extra" email accounts.

No spaces in the username when using +

What you have detailed sounds correct to me.

How long after setting up your david mailbox did you try to access mail via thunderbird. You need to wait at least 1 hour for the mailbox to be setup.

Try accessing the david mailbox via webmail. As soon as that allows you to login, thunderbird should also be able to access it.