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Throttling do you do it?


Throttling do you do it?

Hi, I am at the moment stuck with another ISP that throttles. I want to move to another ISP and am concerned that Im jumping from the pan into the fire.

My son plays online gaming (call of Duty) and is getting hammered at the moment. Would PlusNet apply the throttle to this ?

you can reply to my email please

Throttling do you do it?

I just moved from virgin to plus net priemier account (21.99) which is non throttled and unlimited i think.

You can choose to block p2p ports to prevent anyone on your pc using these programs.

There is also plus account which is also "unlimited" to an extent it reduces heavy users to allow standard users quality of there service. both are probably acceptable for your needs i am a heavy gammer but also a heavy downloader at times so my package is ideal for my needs.

Also has a download monitor so you can see how much you are using and by looks of my months usage i could easily work on 30gb cap at times.
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Throttling do you do it?

Unless you want to do a lot of P2P, your best bet is to try the Broadband plus account, up to 2Mb.

If you find your apps are being slowed down, you can change to the premier , £21.99 up to 2Mb free of charge.