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Teleworker/Small Business & BT Featureline. Will this wo


Teleworker/Small Business & BT Featureline. Will this wo

We currently have BT's "Featureline" service on our small business phone, and need to get broadband. I wanted to check that the broadband service works ok with Featureline. Here's what happened:

1. Called plusNet customer service. Their response was "no, plusnet broadband doesn't work with FeatureLine".

2. Called BT. Their response was "yes, BT and other ISP provided broadband services work with Featureline".

3. Called plusNet customer service again and described the above. Their response was "if BT says it will work, then it will". :!:

Not very encouraging, to say the least. On the basis of customer feedback in these forums I won't give up yet, but any clarity would be helpful.



Teleworker/Small Business & BT Featureline. Will this wo

9 months ago it was incompatible with ADSL and I seriously doubt it is compatible now.

We had 5 incoming lines. 3 on featureline, 1 DSL line and a FAX. We killed our DSL line to move onto the fax.

Teleworker/Small Business & BT Featureline. Will this wo

Will try and get a comment from BT Broadband to see what they say - maybe the incompatability has been resolved.

Is it fair to say that if it works on BT Broadband it will work on PlusNet ?

Teleworker/Small Business & BT Featureline. Will this wo


Both PlusNet and BT Broadband use the same process for provisioning services. So where one works, the other should too.

I suggest being careful though.

BT Broadband is BT retail. It may possibly mean the removal of Featureline is innitiated (a risk if within a bundled contract).

I would get anything that BT Broadband say in writting.

Teleworker/Small Business & BT Featureline. Will this wo

So does Plusnet work with Featureline or not please? I changed numbers and moved house apart from that nothing in the setup was changed on the my equipment. I then brought the BT package but the line will not sync simple as that. Like the rest BT says it will work if so why doesn't it? The guy who helped set me up in initially believes it is a BT issue, they of course have said it is something to do with Plusnet

Any advice appreciated


Featureline compatible with plusnet?


I have the same problem; will not sync with featureline compact. Raised a query with plusnet customer service yesterday, they said they'd get BT to check. In meantime, I contacted BT and they say that featureline compact is compatible with any broadband. Now have to wait and see if they can sort it out.

If anyone out there has resolved this problem, please post with details of the fix.


BT's "Featureline"


I have BBon a single feature line and it works very well
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Teleworker/Small Business & BT Featureline. Will this wo

Same here, I meant to reply to this a while back.

I have a featureline which has broadband enabled on it without a problem.
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Featureline and broadband coexistence

BT's own published FAQs say:

Q. Can I have Broadband on FeatureLine?
A. Yes but your FeatureLine cannot be in a Hunt Group and subject to the usual Broadband measures
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