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Still PN LLU'd 2 months after 'cease'


Still PN LLU'd 2 months after 'cease'

Hello all,

I know this isn't the correct forum for this request but all other avenues seem blocked to me. I'm hoping someone somewhere can help.

I was previously a PlusNet customer and perfectly happy till LLU'd back in July. Broadband service went rapidly downhill and became so unbearable we cancelled our account.

Our contract was apparently ceased on the 18th September. Certainly, no money has been paid to them since then.

Since then, despite emails, phonecalls and even snail mail, the LLU equipment has remained on our line. Our new ISP cannot move us to broadband and BT Wholesale say that no cease order has ever been received from PlusNet. Repeated requests to PlusNet state that is now being actioned. It is not.

Our most recent contact from PN was on the 10th of Nov to say that our line would be clear on the 13th November. It is still not clear. The question ref is 20645470.

If anyone has any advice whatsoever, I'd be extremely grateful. Thanks to PlusNet, we have had no BB to speak of since July and none at all for 2 months. We're going mad!!

Please help

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Still PN LLU'd 2 months after 'cease'

Have you been through the Ofcom route
Problems with your internet service -
My new ISP says there is a Tag/Marker/ Incompatiable product /ISP already on my line

In the first instance we advise you to re-contact your ISP and ask them to confirm that a cease order has been placed on your line with BT Wholesale and on what date your line will be cleared.

If you have already done this and it is 20 days since your ISP advised you that a cease order has been placed and your recent attempt to order broadband was rejected, you can now check directly with BT Wholesale when the Tag will be removed.

Currently BT Wholesale is a very busy department and you may experience some waiting time in getting through to them.

BT Wholesale
Tel: 0800 169 0934

Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm
Saturday – 8am – 12pm

Still PN LLU'd 2 months after 'cease'

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, I'd been through the Ofcom complaint screens, phoned BT Wholesale, raised support questions with PlusNet etc etc.

I eventually managed to get a private message to the very helpful James Bailey, a Plusnet member of staff. He advised me that my line would be clear that night. I don't know if that was coincidence or whether he actually did something to get the line cleared. BT Wholesale later confirmed that and I'm now in the process of getting BB with my new ISP.

No word from PlusNet as to why this took so long and no hint of an apology. I'm sorry to leave them after years of reliable service (pre-LLU!) but they're not the company they once were.

Thanks for taking the time to reply.